Dreams are powerful things. Saying them out loud either strip them of their power (if we think about nightmares especially) or it give them a realness, brings them out of the realm of imagination and into the realm of possibility.
Here is the dreams version of this week’s prompt:

Dare I say it out loud? Dare I bring this dream into the real of possibles? My dream big anything is possible dream would be to own an art café / store. I would have an art supply side with handmade journals and supplies, inspiring papers and notebooks. And I would have a café side where you can sit and sketch while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea and watch the day go by. In the evenings we would hold events for people to attend, offer workshops and classes for people to mingle and interact and inspire each other.
How cool would that be? The only thing that worries me is handling the business side of things. That would be a nightmare.
Speaking of nightmares, I used to have a recurring one about once every two months for 5 years. It would always start with a child looking at me in the tall grass. He was angry, evil and then many events would unfold from there. Fire, death, people drowning, scary transformed features. But always the intense stare.

But one night, I dreamed about the prequel to these events. The dream started earlier in this child’s life story and I saw that when he was in the grass he needed me to witness why he had to do what came next. 
Seeing the dream from the beginning broke the spell and once I saw that child’s story to the end, I never had that dream again. Amazing right?
I could not pass up the chance to revisit my dream Spirit Animal! I used to dream of unicorns all the time, could even make them appear in my daydreams!

I made her extra glittery!

My constant companion. When a dream gores wrong, I can invoke her and she makes it right again.
In the Nightmares version, there are no Spirit Animals. But I did have a dream once with some strange, semi-transparent creatures walking in a line.

They had purple translucent bodies, kind of like three dimensional x-rays.

These were so fun to draw!

Just imagine the music soundtrack that would go along with this parade…
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