Week 2 of this Season and I am continuing with my dichotomy Dreams/Nightmares. My first spreads came out of listening to Dr. King’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech. To me, that speech shows me that America is capable of great things, is capable of dreaming of equal rights, is capable of striving to be a positive force.

I wanted to tie in the importance of that speech with where things are now. The underlying issues that brought forth the Black Lives Matter movement shows that there is still a very long way to go. But one can dream that one day, people will elevate, educate and reach this dream. The Black Lives Matter card is by Caitie Metz.
For the Nightmare side of this prompt, I didn’t have to look far. The nightmare came out of Donald Trump’s misogynist comments revealed this week. Incredible. America is capable of the worst sometimes. Enough is enough, time to give this jerk the boot. There is a lot more that I want to say but I am not American and wouldn’t want to be told to mind my own business, so I’ll just leave it at that and let his words speak for themselves.

I can’t even put into words how angry I feel. What will be enough??? Plus the anxiety of having to wait until Nov. 4th and not knowing what will happen. UGH.

For the second prompt, I played around with my own tutorial. I was thinking of secret dreams and how – before they become dreams – they are half-formed ideas. That if these are nourished, they become something more.

These half-formed creatures that appeared in my watercolours seemed perfect to express this.
The nightmare side of this same prompt is about all those dreams that were stifled in their inception. Either by other people’s judgement or comments or through my own laziness or fear.

These are the dreams that never grew, that never were. I tried to use a similar method as the dreams side but on black gesso instead of white.

On the black gesso, I used red mists and some neon orange fluid acrylic. I wish I had white ink to try!

I swirled them around with the tip of the paintbrush to give them that vaguely skeletal, slightly scary look to them.
I am enjoying thinking about interpreting the prompts in these two conflicting manner each time. Keeps me on my toes!
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