Welcome to a new Season! I am very excited for this one. In typical Vanessa-I-want-to-put-my-own-spin-on-everything-fashion, I decided to have a double sided journal for this Season. I used an Anselm bookbinding kit I had bought years ago from Peg and Awl.

On the one side, you have Dreams.
Flip the journal over and you have the Nightmares side.

I am quite excited to use this journal this way. I will interpret each prompt through these two lenses. Here are my pages for the first week.
Dreams side: I had a very happy dream where a friend put on a blue dress and laughed and posed for photos. Blue isn’t a colour I normally associate with such happiness, but it was definitely a euphoric moment.

I used lots of glitter and some sequins that I taped down with packing tape.

The second spread shows all of the keywords I looked up in the Dream Dictionary.
Now, let’s turn the journal around and look at the Nightmares side. I don’t have nightmares all that often, but when I do, they leave a very deep impression on me. Curiously, this nightmare also featured the colour blue. That was a bad one, being rejected by your lover who sets you aside for your mother?! I put on the blue cloak and walked through the crowd, crying. I woke up quite distraught!
I used my calligraphy nib and ink for the crowd and some tissue paper for the cloak.
Again this second nightmare spread shows the words I looked up. 
It’s too bad the word “blue” wasn’t there. I looked it up in a Symbolism Dictionary I have at home and it seems that blue is associated with depth of feeling, with going through the looking glass, of purity (hence the Virgin Mary’s cloak) and with immateriality.
That was a mouthful. I’ll have to meditate on these things…
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