Phew, this week was full of contrasts in my personal life. Lots going on. Plus I am leaving with my family tomorrow for Seoul (and a webinar with Lauren!!!) but feel kind of unprepared. Anyway, I know it will be great. Here is my first page this week: a self-portrait of my contradictions.

First of all, this is my new favourite Payne’s Gray, from Daler-Rowney. I’m in love. I still like the Golden Payne’s Gray, but this one….oh my!

On the left side, put a cascading lot of tarot and loteria cards. Ones that I feel represent me. There are many others but these cards come from a shop that Misty told me about (now closed) and they had card packs for sale. I don’t think I could use some of my tarot cards for this. I listed some of my contradictions, but there are a few more whose meaning is revealed in the cards.

 Then I meshed Katie’s resist tutorial from last week and Julia’s tutorial from this week. I ended up with this: an oil pastel stick and inks.

I am completely stumped by this page. I think it reflects how I felt this week: blocked, with some issues taking way too much head space. I’ll come back to is eventually, but leaving it like this for now.

This is another one that feels unfinished. This week I wrote a presentation for an archaeological presentation and it brought me back to my real calling. It was a huge contrast between what I do here at post vs back home. Honestly, it hurt.

My friend calls this adaptation to being at post ‘being stuck in the wilderness’ so I used that imagery. I feel into the spray paint again – happily so. The skeleton is a reminder of my thought process this week. Will I always feel this way? Will I always be sad for not being able to do my passion? Can I set aside that part of me?

The paper is a double sided image. On the the top : amor.

On the bottom : scientia. My two poles, love and science. I hope to reconcile them again.

For the moment, I just put it there with scotch tape. I hope to maybe stitch it later when I have more time.

I stitched some of the leaves and added some pen work. I still feel it’s a work in progress. So, how has your week four been? See you all on Monday in the webinar!
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