Week two of the Season of Contrast brought us so much to explore. From Sasha’s lovely face printing tutorial, to Riet’s intuitive painting and Amy’s repetitive mark making, there was a lot to do. I started with the printed faces and came up with this.

I decided to address the family prompt and went about it by using my great-great aunt’s thread to sew the figure and the hand on the page.

I fell like every time I use it, I am paying homage to a strong and powerful lady who lived off her craft (she was a dressmaker) and was definitely a feminist. I want to show that this heritage isn’t lost on me.

The idea underlying the left page is that all that knowledge, all the powerful gains from the past, all that our ancestors lived through, accomplished and brought us….none of it disappears. It stays, it reenters us, it permeates us. It’s a collective rising. Or so I hope.

This second spread was so much fun. I started with Riet’s intuitive painting and did about four layers worth before veering off and turning this into my self-portrait inspired by the combination of the styles of two of my favourite artists: Basquiat and Mucha.

Oh how I love the result! It is their styles but I tried to make it my own as well.

One of the elements I love about Basquiat’s work (aside from his use of anatomy and crowns) is the words that he added to his paintings. This tied in to the self-portrait prompt where one was meant to explore the different aspects of one’s personality,

I chose the Chariot card from the tarot as the one that represents me. I am someone who, when I put my mind to it, can accomplish so much. I ride hard and fast on my chariot with confidence and energy. Until someone (or myself) knocks me of. then it can take me forever to get back on and find this momentum again. I liked using the Mucha style woman, with her cup so full and I added the phases of the moon, stars and plants to the background. All strong symbols for me.

After such a busy spread, I wanted a quiet one to explore again the idea of the self-portrait and contrasts with myself. 

I’ve come again to Tanyalee’s amazing tutorial from the Season of Gifts. The butterflies here represent ideas and thoughts, emotions and feelings, both good and bad that emerge from me.

Letting them fly is the only way to help me feel better, arting things out is my saving grace. The butterfly is my symbol of change (the Vanessa butterfly is to the left of the figure here). I have been in quite the transformation since January and I want to stay on my Chariot and carry on. But I can feel the self-saboteur in me stirring, stirring. 

The mark making and repetitive patterns are a method used by Amy. I can say that it isn’t for me. I think I was starting to feel stressed halfway through and hurried some of the dashes.

I made this spread as minimalist as possible, while still being me. I love where this Season is taking me so much.

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