I guess it was inevitable that my natural color scheme would creep back into my Season of Connections journal! I really loved the prompts this week. This first spread is about how I feel about what happens when we die.

I pulled out my beloved fabric scraps from San Miguel de Allende, where I attended art journaling workshops with Orly Avineri twice.

This fabric is filled with quotes from Frida Kahlo. “Love, Warmth, Pain, Giving”.

This one especially is at the center of y thinking: “I am not alone”

Life, Death; it’s all part of a cyclical process, not a linear one.

In my view, we shine one. The heart stays, our energy stays, the flames we carry in our hearts, our true essence – the one in our core – stays but dissolves into the rest and comes back anew, reformed.

This is our only chance as the person we are now.

So make the most of it. No time for fear, no time for self-criticism; just take the leap.

It all goes by so fast.

For the last spread in my Season of Connections journal, I brought out my sewing machine and had another go at drawing with it.
This is for the Center of the Universe spread.

I wanted to touch upon the notion of the third and final death according to ancient Mexican beliefs. This final death happens when everyone has forgotten your name. Which is why they hold the Day of Dead and make altars and invite their ancestors to feast with them.

I would like to be remembered for a time.

I would like for people to say “she lived fully”. I would like for people to remember things like “the sun was in her eyes”.

Memories are quick to fade,even with all those pictures we take, the journals we fill. We do all that to leave a trace. My professional life is all about finding those traces and bringing them back into the narrative.

I hope my bones will do the same. I hope my art and journals will be interesting for someone. I hope they will remember love.

This final spread is in my Fire Burning Bright journal, which I’ve been playing in as a companion to my Connections journal.

I used EmK’s prompt and ink tutorial to look at my relationship to my zodiac sign (pisces) and element (water)

This lovely Sphinx/Griffin/Banshee came forth and I like her a lot.

Another Season coming to a close. Only one Season left for me on the Get Messy Creative Team. I’m feeling lots of emotions about that! I’ll post a flip through of my journal next week.


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