Things have been absolutely chaotic around here. Two kids’s birthdays plus birthday parties, Halloween and my in-laws are visiting. Sneaking in Rituals class filming and art dates with myself whenever I can. So I’ve been burning the candle from both ends. I only have two pages for this week’s Get Messy post. 
This first one came to me as I watched the horrible news of the New York attacks. I get that the whole point of terrorism is to make you scared but it hit me hard that the people killed were visitors. The crazy person in chief made it that much worse with his reactions which show his complete ignorance of the judicial system and the fact that he is clearly in league with the gun lobby. It made me think of notions of safe spaces and how these are disappearing.

The idea that home is a safe space isn’t true for everyone. This connection we feel for home can be ambiguous for some. As part of a nomad family, there are times when home is hard for me to define. We tend to carry it with us. But what happens when the home you remember no longer exists? When all that remains is the idea you have of home, not the actual reality of it?

I am not American, but when I see what is happening, I feel for Americans. I wonder how people can go on while the very nature of the country that they once knew is changing and becoming more and more divided daily? I also feel for wherever terrorism strikes and how the very notion of feeling safe where you live is the first casualty. I mourn the people, it hurts to know about them, who they were and how that was taken from them in violence and ignorance. Ignorance is a terrible thing, it opens the door to extremism because people can be manipulated and this is also the dangerous game Trump is playing. 

The second spread is all about being a water elemental. I am made of sea salt and fresh air, of waves and tides. I feel a strong connection to the sea especially. This relates to my connection with the moon and the divine feminine.

The fact that the oceans are ever changing yet always the same is not lost on me. The butterfly wings are a symbol of this for me.

Being immersed in water and being rocked by the waves is something that I need to do at least once a year to feel good. The smell of the sea is something that I find very soothing, as is the sound it makes. It’s a full sensory experience for sure.

I love the movement of water, I love th different hues it can take. I feel that connection deeply. That said, it doesn’t mean other elements don’t also appeal to me. Recently, I’ve been pulled toward fire and have been exploring that in my Fire Burning Bright journal (which I didn’t have time to do this week).

 But water, oceans and the moon will always be at my core.

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