I am back to the blog, after a hiatus. I will go back and publish week 03 here after this post. I definitely had a Julia-inspired week. Bith my pages were made following her prompt and her tutorial on the private blog.

For the heart prompt, I assembled images of things that hold my heart. A melting-pot of ancestors (real and imagined), roses, unicorns, skulls, butterflies and rabbits.

I hand-stitched the heart in the middle of the page to encompass all of it.

The second spread I made following Julia’s tutorial on assemblages. I used my machine for this one.

The theme I was exploring was childhood. So I pulled out images and fabric that had the primary colors in them, yellow, red, blue.

Books were my lifeline as a child so I had to have a lot of references to them in my page.

I decided to follow Jules’s advice and try a different type of gluing method, so I machine stitched the papers in place.

Two more spreads in my Fire Burning Bright journal: I had so much fun connecting with everyone on where to take this spread. I really love the result, but even more so the discussions we all had.

And another collage/assemblage. This was a quick one, it has an urgency to it because I wanted to express this idea quick, quick.
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