Welcome the the Season of Connections. Oh, how I love that theme. My approach this Season is to use an accordion photo book (that’s what it says on the cover!) with kraft paper inside and vintage photos and fabric.

I curated a kit so that I would have these elements handy.
As you may have seen from my tutorial, I am mending relationships with the past in these pages. This spread deals with my late father, using the shashiko stitch.

This spread is a connection to my great-great-aunt and the ancestors from my mother’s side of the family.

Some family legacies are not positive and need to be changed. This spread addresses this: problems with body image and self-esteem passed down through the generations. That stops with me.

My final spread for this week, not related to my tutorial is the one addressing our chosen family.

For me, my chosen families are my friends and my art tribe. To represent my friends, I added this pressed corsage. It was the one we used when we did prom night here in Beijing and it represents the people who are my support system aborad.

These women are the representation of my art tribe. Get Messy is a huge part of my life and has given me so much. The friendships I have made there are some of the most important to me. These women also represent Orly, Rebecca and the women I met in San Miguel both times I went. Some beautiful artists and souls.

And these cool people hanging out together are the representation of my friends back home. My forever friends, the ones with who I’ve walked for 20 plus years. These friendships are until the end and with I feel like myself the most.

Can we talk about this magnificent hare ribbon!? A gift from my friend Joey who came to visit and who totally gets me.

That’s it for this week. What is your approach to this Season? Does the theme appeal to you or scare you a little? For me it’s a bit of both to be honest!

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