Friends, welcome to the deepest, most mysterious hues of the rainbow: purple and black. Those two colours are inherently associated with mystery, velvet textures and dark corners for me. So naturally, this week’s archetype queen is the Queen of Spiritual Wanderings.
As some of you may or may not know, I am an apostate. I am also a pantheist and great believer in connections. Connections with Nature, between people, with ourselves and with this time and place. I feel a need to explore myself and my place in this world right now. Purple absolutely illustrates this for me.

This life goes by so fast. Things change, they go through us, we react to them. All of this shapes our beings and I for one feel a strong need to live intentionally and fully. I want to know myself, to hold my truths up unapologetically.

The fact that I am not religious doesn’t mean I am not spiritual, on the contrary. I am in tune with the divine in me and around me. I just don’t see it as embodied in the way the major religions make it out to be. Which is why my Queens float in a galaxy.

In infinite, ever-expanding like the universe, galaxy. I hope I did Katie proud.
You can hear the silence from here. Perfect to listen closely to you.
Now we come to the last colour of the rainbow, the one that holds them all: black. This archetype is closely related to the previous one in the sense that is touches my essence, my core: the Goddess Queen.  

For those of you who have been following my Get Messy journey, you may remember my Goddess manifesto from the Season of Serenity. In that post, I touch upon many of the same themes I do here. This archetype is all about the Divine Feminine.

It’s about honouring that part of you that is connected to those who came before. Their knowledge and their struggles, passed down through bloodlines. It’s about claiming the female at all ages, respecting our cycles and not hiding from these elements.

I photocopied this beauty onto vellum and love its imperfections where my fingers picked up the wet ink and left prints.

Just like black is the result of all the colours coming together (for a super interesting discussion on if this last statement is true or not, read this website), so this Queen encompasses them all. She is the underlying archetype, the common thread that runs through all of the other ones for me. Black is a deep, textured colour and so are we all (I wish you could see how amazing this gunmetal paint is in real life).

Thank you for having explored the rainbow with me! I hope you have enjoyed these queens, I really did. I always like to take the time to see where I am and not just coast through life on the surface of things. I do truly appreciate your presence here and I hope that you enjoy coming along as well.

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