After green comes blue! That means we are getting close to the end of the rainbow. Just one more week after this one in the Season of Colour. I am getting ready to go on vacation. I will be gone almost five weeks. In my real life, this is also a time for goodbyes. Some people who I have become very close to in Beijing have finished their posting and are returning to Canada or moving on, so when I return they will be gone. This is a very difficult thing for me, saying goodbye, being overwhelmed with emotion. I have just come from a hugely stressful week and now I am thrown into sadness. I am emotionally spent. So this week’s first Queen is a reflection of that.

I am vulnerable. I soak up people’s emotions. I have learned with time when to retreat behind my armour, to turn inward, to let my bones shelter me. This week was one of those times. It can be hard on others who don’t understand this retreat sometimes.

I wear my heart on my sleeve all the time, where it gets bruised easily. So I need to be alone sometimes, to recharge that battery.

When I can feel people’s judgement or their disapproval, when I get the feeling people were expecting something else, I become the hermit to recenter myself. Other wise, it hurts too much.

I thought this soft blue was the perfect way of illustrating this feeling. I followed Riet’s cut and paste prompt for this spread.

On to a darker blue in my rainbow spectrum. The other thing I am really good at is “magical thinking”. I am always surprised when all of sudden I have no more money or time left to do all I want to. I am the Queen of thinking that it will all work out in the end.

Total Deus Ex Machina.

I loosely followed EmK’s monochromatic tutorial for this. I started with an ink base, with lots of salt to get those lovely surprising textures.

Then, to make the clouds, I used some Japanese washi paper and printed vellum. I tore these rather than cutting them to give that magical feel.

I like seeing them interact this way.

Next week, we delve into deep, mysterious colours. Can’t wait.
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