This week we explore green! Now you all know that green isn’t my favourite colour to work with. Except if it’s this very, very deep, dark, jungle green. I kind of like that one. I know that green is almost immediately associated with nature (makes total sense) but I tried to explore an archetype that relates to green as an emotion. So here is the Queen of Envy.

This woman’s expression was the perfect one to convey that feeling of looking on the other side with that envious stare. I also truly had fun playing with Katie’s colourful hair tutorial on the Get Messy private blog.

Some of my favourite things are in this spread: luscious inky splotches à la Pen + Ink, hand stickers that came with the lovely Elly’s We Are All Artists cards and the leaves I used during a gelli plate session.

 And washi tape, how could I forget that? I used clear packing tape to hold the leaves in place. I love doing that, it gives them almost a laboratory specimen look.

So I, like everyone else, go through periods where I feel that my art is crap, what I do isn’t as good as so and so, I wish I was that good at using [ insert art medium here] and what’s going on over there, anyway? But I feel like we all have this, we all go through such moments of discouragements and envy…even the people whose work or process we are coveting. So it probably isn’t that much greener on the other side.

My second archetype Queen is one that is very, very, very present within me. It’s the Warrior Queen. For this spread, I am approaching the Race is a Colour prompt.

Most of us have seen this image or variations of it. I  was inspired by this idea. The idea that what seems to divide us is really only skin deep. Our bones hold us up, they are also an armour for parts of our body. So I built on this idea by drawing an armour for my Warrior Queen. The gelli prints around her represent the Wilderness, this is a symbol of incomprehension for me. Of not seeing the forest for the trees of not trying to find common ground. The Warrior Queen navigates in this Wilderness and tries to create a path through it.

The Warrior archetype is one that has gotten me in trouble sometimes. If I feel their is an injustice or someone hasn’t been treated right or that there is some thing unjust, I can’t not talk about it. I can’t let it go; I have to say something. Sometimes that gets me in trouble because some people do not like to be confronted or can’t handle confrontation and quickly get on the defensive or attack right away. In other cases, people don’t need me to get worked up about something that they consider a non-issue.

In this sense, I sometimes put my foot in my mouth and I thought this image conjured that for me nicely. Whether or not it is justified or helpful, my Warrior will always hold you up and look out for you.

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