Hello all. How was your week? I can tell you that mine was super busy with real life stuff. I had no time to do any of the tutorials and hardly any time in the studio. Plus I hated everything I was making because I was so conscious about how little free time I had, that I was stressed and not making anything good.
My colour this week was yellow and I was having the hardest time finding what I wanted to explore with it. This was the first version of my spread, with an angry queen figure that was expressing my feelings that day. I hated it.
So I covered it up and my approach finally came to me after my Advocate/Warrior archetype got kind of out of hand this week. So here is the Fire Dragon Queen.

I covered the drawn queen with some ripped flames and toxic smoke. This archetype addresses the part of me that is judgemental. I am an open-hearted and loyal person. I will support you and hold you up. But if you hurt me or if you let me down repeatedly, it is hard for me to forgive that.

I tend to then expect that from the person and call out the actions once they show up. I believe this is what is happening with my mother. It’s happened with an ex-friend who did this to me. Since that event, I have this Dragon Fire Queen who lives within me and who will put up that firewall when I am in danger of being hurt. It’s a defence mechanism.

I love the second iteration of my spread much more than the first. The stapled thread is something I borrowed from Lauren Caterson. This spread also addresses the “death to colour” idea.

My next colour is gold. I love that colour so much and I have maybe 25 different types of it: iridescent, glitter, watercolour, paper, bronze gold, yellow gold, etc. I think I had so much that I put it all on my page and absolutely hated it. Again.
So I covered it all up with white gesso and did an ink blot with all my different gold inks and I felt much better.

This archetype is a positive one that I have: the Queen of seized opportunities. I find my self often scared and nervous and putting myself in situations where I feel stressed about things but every single time I have said “yes” something great has come from it.

Whether it’s moving to China, or taking a chance at a new contract or job, I have been very lucky to have had these positive encounters and it is because I have this tendency to do things that scare me.

I am grateful for these golden opportunities that have come my way and even more that I had the guts to say “yes!” I love how the gold looks like veins here. On the right I used tissue paper, one of my great loves is using that type of paper in my spreads and I haven’t had the chance to do so in a while.

Thank you for coming by!


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