The Season of Colour seems to resonate so much with all of you. It’s so exciting. I love it when I find an approach to make the Season work for me. This time I decided to go through the rainbow and explore Colour Queens archetypes. My rainbow starts with pink! This first spread plays in the “more is more, less is a bore prompt”.

This is the Explorer Princess archetype. She is strong, bold, curious and intrepid. Not much stops her.

She is also soft and resilient.

Slightly dramatic…and sleepy too!

 She has her familiars close by to counsel her.

 She delights in the moon and all things shiny.

After pink comes red. This spread is in response to the colour association prompt.

Red is anger. The Red Queens are angry, they are not happy with the state of things and they don’t mind people knowing this.

I associate this colour with the Warrior Queen archetype. She will have your back, she will take no crap, she is unafraid to feel deeply. She uses this anger, she doesn’t let it use her.

Red is a call to action, it is the colour of passionate feelings.
I can’t wait to see what other colour associations I will discover this week.
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