I have been feeling a little out of sorts art journaling wise. I’m not sure why. Maybe I feel a little overwhelmed creatively with all of the classes/workshops/design teams I’m participating in? Maybe it’s my 9 to 5 job that is taking away creative time? Maybe it’s the fact that I’m in a new art journal? I’m not sure.

So for this week, I decided to take. my. time. Slow it down. Work on a page for more than a few minutes. Let it sit and simmer. It felt really good.

These ladies appeared after I had done the dripping background.

My Unfinished Spirits are definitely showing up in this spread.

There are a few layers, not too many, but enough to add depth to my spread. And some shimmer too.

I spent some time with each woman. Making her dress. Drawing her face. Not planning it out, but letting the ink dictate the features. I used china ink and my calligraphy nib for their faces and hands.

I added the journaling part because that is what usually tells me that a spread is finished. But this one could have been complete without words.

Definitely loving the details.

Thank you for coming by. Leave me a note or any questions you may have, I read and answer each one. Bring on the Season of Adventure!

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