As we are slowly winding down the Season of Brave, I find myself realising that I have had a season of adaptation. I finished my seventh Moleskine art journal and am now playing in one that I made myself. I’m still getting used to these new parameters. For example, in the first spread I’m sharing today, there is a gap between the signatures. It is small, but it is there and it isn’t something that I like. Art journaling for me is a two page dialogue, the crease in the middle is a big part of the process.

Here it is:

This page came about as I was reflecting on women and how we are judged for what we are wearing. Too short, too long, too hidden, too revealing. I think women will be truly free when they can wear what they want because they want to wear it and not be judged for it.

I hearing a lot of slut shaming stories : girls being told to hide their shoulders in school or told to wear t-shirts under their prom dress (WHAT?). Meanwhile, other places are trying to regulate the head scarf and the tchador. It just discourages me that it’s always women that are told to cover up, or wear their hair this way or that way, or to hide, submit, obey, take up as little space as possible.

I say NO! Wear the bikini top if you want, wear the traditional dress, be modest, as long AS IT’S UP TO YOU. And you alone. Not God, not your dad, not your grandmother, not your brother, not your friends. Dress for you. I recommend taking a look at the I Dress For Me movement.
I wanted my women to be all beautiful no matter their body type, no matter what they are wearing. I used water color and a sharpie on the top of the page and the bottom is tissue paper.

The second spread is about what I would do if I was truly without fear.
In a sense, thsi spread echoes my first one, with the ‘dive in’ reference. Diving in means something different for each person. I try to remember that wonderful feeling when you do let go of fear and just go for it.
My Beasts came by, in particular the rabbit/jackalope, one of my animal totems. Do you see him hiding in the flowers below?

I’ve always admired Alice for going through the looking glass, for walking without fear and purpusefully, no matter what crazy adventures came her way. So I shall used her as an example!


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