The Season of Brave is slowly winding down. I’m not ready to stop exploring this theme just yet. But I feel that I did a lot in this Season. I am glad that we have two weeks to mull over the theme before we switch.
This first spread is the household item one. My palette was ready to go and I decided to use some shells from the 1000 milion we have in our house (I’m a beachcomber, it’s all my fault).

Unfortunately, that did not work out at all! The shells weren’t leaving any marks and I was very unhappy at the result. So I went with my second option : plastic wrap. I just dipped these pieces in the paint and placed them on my spread.

Here is the result. It was random and not easily controllable, which is totally out of my comfort zone. I like the result but I’m not crazy about it. I’m also adjusting to my new journal, so it might be that too.

I kept this one quite simple.

I love that woman and the acrylic ink I used behind her. The whole point of branching out of the Moleskine was to try out watercolors in my art journaling.

This second spread feels more like me. I love it. I wanted to spend a longer time on a spread and see where it would take me. I love the result and want to carve out more time for this type of slow journaling.
This apread is about something brave that I do everyday: being a mother. I’m far from perfect but every day I am more accepting of my children as individuals and of myself as a mother. And by that I mean I sometimes fail, I can be impatient, I swear, I wish for them to grown-up already! 
And the next day I look at my children and want them to stay young and cuddly and so honest and loving and I want them to need me there always. I call it the Parenting Pendulum. Back and forth, but it’s a good rythym. It is worth showing your children who you are, it will make them eager to figure out who they are.

I love that some Unfinished Spirits came by…

 Thank you for coming by!

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