Today’s pages are special to me because they feature my last spreads in my beloved Moleskine and the first one in my handmade journal. For this first spread, I scanned and copied the two photos of me because I wanted to rip them and have that jagged white edge.

I wrote down my thoughts without planning what I would say, with a paint filled brush by Pilot that I bought in Hong Kong (Pentel makes something similar). I like the filled-in look that the text gives.

The ‘brave’ and ‘take chances’ are Me and my big ideas stickers that I bought on my very first visit to Michaels upon our return from Hong Kong 🙂
I only had the back page left in my Moleskine so I decided to paint something on it. This is my workspace.

I was thinking about Love and Brave and how you need a Heart for both.

Look at how thick my Moleskine is!

This is my collection. That last one was Moleskine number 7. Behind this row are two more smaller art journals and the shelf above holds my mini-albums and themed journals.
Well, altough I still love the Moleskines, I thought it was time for something new. I really want to try my hand at incorporating inks and watercolor so I bound watercolor paper in my new art journal. When I start a new journal, I alway make an introductory collage. This time, I dove right in. I’ll get around to the intro page this weekend.

Just a simple collage to express my thoughts on a sacrifice I made for someone. I thought the woman with the umbrella reminded me of Holly Hunter in The Piano.

I gave up my career to follow my husband to Hong Kong and I’m doing it again when we go to Beijing. It was very hard the first time. But I think I am better prepared now. I just love this ‘not taking any of your crap’ guerrera.

I’m proud that I was brave enough to do this. I learned so much from living abroad, a lot of it about my own resilience. And that is definitely something positive.
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