Things have been busy behind the scenes around here. I’ll have some special art journal pages to share next week. These were made for a specific course I am taking. I’ll share when I can. In the mean time, I made a spread for this week’s prompt. I felt like playing with paint, which I hadn’t done in a while. Also, I wanted to use my new neon oil pastels!
Here is my spread:

I used some Chiyogami (Japanese) paper for their dresses. There are a few layers here.

I wanted both of these versions of me to have a kind of happy/nervous energy emanating from them. But I also wanted them to be calm and assertive.

I like what came out of my brush!
I’ve been thinking about the prompt where you use one of your childhood pictures. I’m thinking of scanning these and doing something with them, but not sure yet. I’d like to find a better picture to use. Stay tuned.

Thanks for coming by!


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