Hello Brave Get Messians! I have to say that this week’s prompt was very, very à propos for me (thanks Julia!). I suddenly realised that we are moving to Beijing in little more than a year. I will be honest and say that a lot about this is scary to me. So I decided to journal about that. I made a second zine because I feel that this theme can be better explored in this format.
I used images of Chinese legendary women. They are various heroines from traditional song, poems and stories. I thought they were badass and they would help carry my message. The zine is a dialogue between my fears and these women.

I wrote the words on my Dymo label maker and added the punched neon circles for color. I thought the boldness of these elements would make a strong statement against the soft lines of the women.

On the right, you will recognise the one and only Hua Mulan, charging into battle on her horse.

This last page is my favorite because it is a happy accident. I ran out of tape with ‘You can’. The slashes and the V are a fluke as I was demonstrating my label maker to a friend. Love it when serendipity shows up like this.

They say naming your fears helps you overcome them. And I must admit I feel much better about what is coming now that I’ve arted it out. Keeping this zine close for when I need a reminder.
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