I’ve been working on a few projects this week. One of them is art journal related, but I can’t share it yet. It has been a fun project though and there will be more on that in the weeks to come. But for today’s Get Messy post, I have a fun announcement.

The Season of Brave zine has me all kinds of inspired. I’ve never made one and they seem like such a fun project to dive into. At the beginning of the week, Julia asked in the FB group if we were turning the zine into a collaborative project or not. That got me thinking….I’ve been a fan of Julia’s modern and colorful style since the inception of the original Get Messy group.
So I asked her if she wanted to take the prompt a step further and to collaborate on the zine. Like we’d each make one and send it to the other. And then she said yes. And then she added that we could each finish the zine that the other started. And then I said ‘omg, oh yes!’ [insert dancing lady emoticon]
How fun is that? I’m thrilled to think that I’ll have a Jules_tea original, one that I get to play with too and can’t wait to see her take on my style of journaling.
Here is the base of my zine. I’m going with vintage pictures of women and colorful chiyogami paper. Chiyogami paper (or handmade Japanese paper) is so beautiful, full of color and texture and I thought it would compliment the vintage photos nicely. Plus I hear that someone may be going to Japan at some point [wink!]. I’m going for a ‘Putting her back in Herstory’ theme. It’s very hard not to finish the pages!

Tomorrow I’ll be running it through the photocopier, folding it in and adding the final touches before it gets sent off to Julia’s place. I like the fact that I get to keep the original base… I have this thing about hoarding paper [insert grinning emoticon here]

After talking about it last night, we decided to take even further : since each of us will be sending the other the photocopied version of our zine, each of us will finish the original we created on top of working on the other’s zine. So there will be two versions of each zine : the Julia version and the Vanessa version. SO MUCH FUN.

I’ll be sharing Julia’s zine here when it arrives. You can check out her blog here and she’s @jules_tea on Instagram


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