Oh here we go. How exciting is this new Season? Brave is right up my alley. I have two spreads to share this week, including this first one which I started before the prompts were published. This one is for my sister : silver linings and the Tree of Life.

I used modeling paste through this stencil by Orly Avineri. I hadn’t washed the stencil last time I used it (bad me!) so the red ink melded with the modeling paste. It looked so much like a tree, full of Life.

I also used the pelvis from the same stencil. I added some black gesso over part of it. When I used sandpaper on the modeling paste to bring up the motif, the powdered gesso that I had rubbed off ended up on the other half of the pelvis, giving it this cool dimension. I love how it is emerging from the dark.

For the silver linings, I used my favorite supply: tissue paper. I used matte medium to adhere it to the pages. I love how the layers look all together, love the veins and folds in the paper.

Next is my first official page for the first sets of prompts and the result of yesterday’s art journaling fodder rampage. I love these contrasting women. The black / white imagery really spoke to me. I like the fact that both of them look like they are in movement, yet it is a semi-cautious movement. For the background I used photo cut-offs, magazine pages, a paint chip and vellum tranparencies.

I added my favorite quote. It speaks the truth to me. I outlined the women and the letters to make them pop off the page.


I also hold this to be true. Being brave means something different for each person. Actually talking to someone on the phone might be a very brave thing for one person to do and terribly easy for another. The important thing is to just do it, go for it, dive in.
I used to be very introverted and when I decided to change, I went for it. Purposefully push yourself to the point of no return. And then marvel at where it will take you! I often get doubt-filled moments, when I want to revert to old ways. But I try to shut that voice out, trust myself and not give in to fear.
Thanks for your visit. I can’t wait to be brave with you.

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