And so we have come to the final week of the Season of Art 101. How fun was this Season? We are ending on a high not, with collage. I love doing this kind of spread, just letting the colors create the composition. This one was made with nonsensical papers from my scrap box.

Sometimes, when pulling out these elements, a narrative forms. I call this one “Of tattooed sailors and love lost at sea”.

There is a lot of symbolism here, even in such a small collage.

Another (famous) narrative. Let’s go down the rabbit hole!

This collage was a little more deliberate as I find myself needing to express my feelings about something happening in my life.

The central piece is a flap that I put in using scotch tape.

 I have been challenging myself to use all the techniques from the Season for at least one spread per week. This one has watercolors, line work, collage, felt tips and texture.

This one also incorporates a few of the techniques: texture, collage, line work.

There you have it friends! I’ll be making a flip through of my completed pocket Moleskine next week. I am looking forward to checking out everyone’s pages.

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