This week, as for the other ones in this season, I did a supplies swatch. I pulled out all my pens and tested them on two pages in my journal. My favourites are the Uni-balls. 

The first page I did was for the prompt relating to what made us want to be artists. My approach was so use my pens to draw all my favourite artists. Represented here (there are more of course) are: Klimt, Magritte, Frida, Riopelle, Gorey, Schele, Basquiat, Ji and Mucha. I loved making this homage.

I tested out some watercolours and did a mini-teaching lesson to a friend of mine. This was a way of documenting how the paint reacted using the different techniques.

After reading Elizabeth’s great tutorial, I was inspired to make this page, the one with all the techniques since the start of the season mixed in. There is gouache, watercolor, line work, texture and marker in here! I also integrated two of Elizabeth’s ideas, drawing a mirrored image based on another one and completing an image.

Here are some close ups of the texture.

And for the final spread, I decided to get inspired by the colors in these magazine pages and do some line work.
I added some roses to the image and a quote from the Little Prince about the rose.

I glued down the page only partially because I liked the two sides so much. I did some roses on the watercolor pages, working in the repetitive motif.

I can’t wait to check out all your pages!
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