Week four of Season of Art 101 and we are playing with felt tips and lines. I don’t really own markers. Well, I do but I don’t really use them in my art journal so I gave them to my kids a couple of months ago. When Julia’s tutorial came up, I fished out my Staedtler markers from the crayon box! I started with a few swatches.
And then I dove right in to the prompt about our life. It was so much fun! Of course I couldn’t put everything in there, but the important elements are there.
I love the chaos of these doodles and the play between the different colors.
I am challenging myself to make one spread each week that encompasses all of the previous weeks’ techniques. Here is that page for this week. I associated it with the prompt about using lines to represent how we feel right now.

This spread has, texture, watercolors, acrylics and line work!

I used an image from a magazine that I drew on. I love the end result.

For my last spread, I used a gouache background and decided to try out Jennifer’s line writing. Beyoncé came up because I am making a dedicated art journal to Lemonade.

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