When I fist started art journaling, I went to an art store in Hong Kong and bought a whole bunch of Golden acrylic paint. Little did I know this would spark a love affair with their products. Some of the bottles I bought then are here in Beijing with me. I just love their creamy texture. Since then, I’ve tried other brands but Golden will forever be my fave. I picked out my favourite colors for the naming prompt.

Some of the colors I have reminded me of specific travels, or a certain moment in my life. That brought me back to the idea of synesthesia and I decided to associate these memories (sights, smells, textures) to the colors I had chosen. I loved doing this.

I have three other spreads to share today. The first one is a blended background type of page. Sometimes, I just need the act of blending paint, spreading the color on the page. Sometimes the process is all I am looking for. I added a ‘peel and reveal’ type of collage on the left.

As I mentioned when I posted this page on IG, each week I am making a spread where I am combining all the techniques from the first one. So this spread has watercolors, texture and a whole lot of different acrylic layers to it. (Stencil by Roxanne Coble)

And this final page came from watching Pam’s lovely tutorial. I loved working this way, especially because it is so different from how I usually work. My problem is I tend to fall in love with backgrounds and I never want to cover stuff up! So for the white here, I mixed acrylic paint with lots of water so I could have the background peek through.

Here is the making of that pages, step-by-step:

I am looking forward to re-reading Misty’s very informative post and trying out new things following Katie’s examples. Thanks for coming by.

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