Hello all, this week in the Season of Art 101, we are exploring texture. I have a love/hate affair with texture. I don’t always take the time to include it because some of my pages come to me fast and I want to get them done fast too. So I don’t take the time to build up layers.

That said, ink blots like this one bring immediate luscious texture and help open up your imagination. This isn’t my usual color scheme and I think this is why I love it so!

This second spread came from the prompt about immersing one’s self in the texture of something. I chose to do so about my dreams. The dreams I walk through at night. I had loads of fun with this one.

First I put modelling paste through punchinella (what is left after sequins are cut out) and a stencil.

then I rubbed an ink pad on the raised surface, mixing the colours slightly. And I finished by adding the ink faces and water soluble crayon marks. Looks pretty close to what I see at night to me!

My last exploration is this floral one.

Some of the flowers I received last week I dried out and some I pressed so I could use them in my art. These tiny dry purple ones are so fun to work with. They lose some of their colour when you put them in the modelling paste.

On the facing page, I tried something which backfired. So I took another flower and spray painted it white. I put it on this kraft paper to dry and just left it there because it looked so beautiful.

I want to explore this medium still. I feel like there are many possibilities and that I should maybe pay attention to some of them when I make my pages. to be continued. Thanks for coming.

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