Hello darlings! Ready to fly off into the sunset? Let’s go! My first spread is all about letting go and leaving everything for a dream place, Paradise Falls. (Great idea Karen!) As you may know, my family and I are quite nomadic. We live in different countries depending on my husband’s postings. This means that, although I have seen many places, I still feel I haven’t seen enough to pick just one.


As long as I’m with them, I can go anywhere. I used my sewing machine to do the stitching to mimic the strings attached to the ballooons. I tore up some maps and images of cities and added those in. ‘Flâneur Forever’ was just perfect for this.
My second spread is all about my roots. I’ve been thinking a lot about them, among other things for this Saturday’s portrait. So this prompt was perfect for this week.

I liked using thread on the other spread so much, I wanted to continue exploring that idea, of the threads being roots, but up in the air.

This is my absolute favorite negative of my grandparents. My grandfather loved photography…and my grandmother. Here he takes a picture of her at her vanity but he is shooting at a mirror so that he is also in the shot. I slipped the negative in a pocket page protector that I had trimmed.

I connected all of the photos of my ancestors (that is my great grand-aunt on the right) with red and brown thread. In the middle of the page I drew a house; the foundation becomes roots.

But still, they are in the air.

My great-aunt in a ball gown. That one slips out of the vellum enveloppe too.

I have a final spread. This one addresses some underlying issues. I’ve been doing the Spring 2014 Edition of 21 Secrets. One of the classes is The Savage Mirror by Lisa Cheney. She encourages us to draw ourselves while looking in the mirror. I decided to draw a part of me that I like to pretend isn’t there, the Ogresse that lives within. As you can see, she can be overbearing.

I wrote my journaling on my body and then ‘hid’ it with some oil pastels and a transparency on which I put some modeling paste through a stencil.

I think you can tell that she is a bitch and I don’t like her. But she is a part of me and I need to address that. It’s hard to be brave and to put things out there. This Ogresse likes to criticize and self-sabotage my efforts; she ruins my self-esteem. I want to strip her of that power. Still figuring out how to do that. But I definitely think that naming things takes away their hold over you.

A closer look at the stencil. When the modeling paste was dry, I lightly rubbed some red oil pastel on it. The stencil is by Orly Avineri and can be found here. I taped the tranparency on the page with scotch tape.
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