I was quite busy this week working on a secret project (more on that tomorrow). This was a fun quick, spread. For this one, I went with the first prompt, about wanderlust and not using your scissors.

I really wanted an exotic feel to these pages. Hence, palm trees. I’ve seen palm trees in my travels in Asia and South Africa and South America too.

For me, wanderlust and travel happens in trying out the local cuisine, of opening one’s self to a new culture around the meal (the preparation, the sharing and tasting of the food and the clean-up afterward). The flavors, perfumes and textures of the food of the different places I have been stay with me.
I’m not a poet (that would be my sister!) so it’s more a free-form collection of thoughts.

This first spread inspired a second one about Hong Kong where I lived for four years.

That experience taught me a lot, about myself and how I’m capable of adapting even when it’s not easy. The first year was tough, going from working mother to stay at home wife was really hard for me. Even my identity card said ‘wife of […]’.

Taai taai: Cantonese (n.), literally, “Madam-Madam”. Used in Hong Kong as a shorthand for socialite, e.g., the “ladies who lunch” or ”the kept housewife”.

But I got through it, met some lovely people, had unforgettable experiences and lived the whole thing fully. Lucky me indeed.

note: after I took these photos, I decided these pages needed a little more color and I added some pops of persimmon ink. You’ll notice these on my Instagram but I didn’t re-shoot these photos (I lost the light!)

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