Today’s pages have a dream-like atmosphere to them that I really really love. I stuck with paper and words this week.Sometimes, paring down is good and collage was always my first love. Here is my first spread.


Like a few of you, I had some trouble taking on the prompts. It’s true, like France said, that many adventures seem less so in retrospect. Or I have addresses some of my adventure in the Season of Brave. So I decided to use a more generalised approach.
It’s true. I always end up doing this. I’m doing it right now. It’s scary, exciting, exhilirating,terrifying. But I’m doing it anyway.

This second spread is really about the fact that there is nothing I would never do. I’m open to trying anything once. That doesn’t mean that I want to do everything (like shark tank diving or dying my hair silver), it does mean I try to keep an open mind. 

I am in love with the details and the textures of this spread.

I added some of the elements from my first misting experiment. I found these two images in a magazine and fell for their dreamy landscapes immediately!

I have a third spread that I started last week. If you haven’t heard about women is science and their #distractinglysexy campaign, I urge you to check it out. Because of ethical issues, I could not participate in the movement, but I so wanted to! Instead I made this page.

This quote is from a talk on women in sports and politics in Canada that I listened to on the same day. That very sneaky Victorian slide from women being strong and resilient partners to becoming soft creatures that need not be exposed to any arena – political or sporty.

If you ask me, anyone who can walk around, cook and clean the house, play curling, or climb a rock (like the woman on the picture above) in a corset, while wearing a long heavy skirt and a hat, is far more resilient than any man.


There you have it. Hope you have a few minutes to check out the pages by the other Get Messy Thursday Girls:


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