It’s here! The theme of the new Get Messy season is already calling to me. We are embarking on the Season of Adventure! It seems filled with strong, positive vibes to me! Let’s go!!
Here is my take on the first prompt. Oh how I love the Umbrella Prints trimmings packs I bought.

I wanted to showcase my love of water, of being near a body of water, whether it’s a lake, a river or the ocean. It fills me.

I stitched some of my favorite fabric pieces, I wanted this spread to feel lush. I also used this machine stitched face I made a while ago.

Those spaces live inside me. I can recall the serenity or the feel of being near the water when the need comes up (this will probably be quite useful when we are in Beijing).

I have a second spread to share. I made this one before the new season started. I was thinking about elements of my life that need decluttering. I sometimes feel that I stay in the same emotional rut about situations where I lack control.

So I art it out.

Some paint, some collage, some mark making. All of that makes this a very cathartic spread for me. Served its purpose.

Get Messy Art Journal is gang of crafty vixens who are sharing art journal pages we have created to practice our skills and push past our creative limits with hopes to inspire. We support and encourage one another on this journey of creating and learning and we would love for you to join us too.