You may remember that last week I had the pleasure of hosting a giveaway for a seat in the new Get Messy community. In my video, I asked you when was your time to art journal. I got so many interesting answers! I thought I’d break it down here on the blog.

I had four categories : early morning, lunch, evening or late at night. Right away, people chose between early bird or night owl. I also had to add a category called ‘any chance I get’!
Here are the results :
early bird : 17
middle of the day / nap time : 9
any chance I get : 8
night owl : 44
total : 78
So the night owls have it! It seems, and that is not at all suprising to me, that for anyone with young kids, the pattern changes from a set time to grabbing 5 minutes here and there. I’ve been there so that makes total sense. Some of you were also night owls but have decided recently to try and work in the morning. And at least two people mentionned that they work really late in the night like 2 to 4 am!
As for me I set everything up around supper time and get to it once the children are asleep. Except on weekends when it’s all day creating and photographing.
Thanks for participating everyone, this was a fun giveaway to host and I’m looking forward to seeing you in the Get Messy forums x