So, Get Messy is a part of my life since April 2014 when I joined the group. At the time I was using the 52 weeks of art journaling class to document my move from Hong Kong back to Canada. That became my From Here to There album and it was some of the first pages I shared through Get Messy.

I also shared the pages I was doing in my Moleskine. Some of these pages I was sharing under art journal and not Get Messy at the time.

Every month, we’d get one prompt and have the four weeks to think about it. 

Then, Get Messy 2.0 came along and we started having Seasons. My faves from the Season of Love:

Season of Brave :
That time I got to collaborate on a zine with my partner in crime Julia.

Season of Adventure:

Season of Serenity:

For the Season of Words, I’ll let you take a look at the flip through I posted yesterday.
Things I have noticed making this :
1- I miss using Moleskines. I just wish the pages would hold watercolor better;
2- I miss my non-prompt based stuff. I want to make more time for art journaling that comes just from me;
3- I love this group so so much and am so grateful for having the chance to grow and evolve among such creative and supportive artists.
4-also, a big thank you to anyone reading this. I know how busy our lives are. It’s not easy to find the time to read other people’s blogs, so I really appreciate you being here.
Thanks Julia for this great idea!