Hello friends. Two posts in one day, but this one is worth it! It is the last collective hurrah of the Get Messy 2016 CT. We have decided to do a blog hop where each one of us talks about how and why another CT member inspires us. And how lucky am I that I got Tanyalee!

I love love love Tlee’s style. The way she combines soft watercolours and inks and images totally appeals to me. Her lettering is so dreamy as well.

I love how Tlee combines soft colours with bold imagery, that really helps to bring the message home.

What also makes me run to her blog is the way she shares her techniques is easy to follow tutorials. Whether these are for the Get Messy blog or her own, I always make a point to check them out because I know I’ll be able to apply them again and again.

It is a measure of how good a teacher Tanyalee is that you can learn a technique from her and apply it to your style or your materials and still get a result you love.
And here is the best part: I actually got to meet Tanyalee last week. Isn’t that amazing? Here is a photo of Emily (@squiggleandswirl) and Tanyalee (@drawingboardau) at the Opera Bar in Sydney.
They both brought some of their journals and we had an art sleepover and even met Eleanor the next day. But what I wanted to mention was the absolute joy I had perusing Tlee’s journal for the Season of Dreams. It is amazing to touch the pages, to see the layers in person, to chat about techniques and ideas and inspiration.

I felt so inspired. To try new things, to branch out, to be true to me. That is the best thing and that is my biggest takeaway from being on the Get Messy CT this year: meeting friends who elevate and inspire others, women and artists who support each other in the best ways, without competition or jealousy, only empowerment.
Find Tlee’s blog here: http://www.thedrawingboardau.com/
and her insta here: http://instagram.com/drawingboardau
I invite you to go take a look at her blog, she is next in the blog hop.

I know I say it a lot, but I will be forever grateful for this community and the joy of finding my tribe. I was extremely proud to be on the CT in 2016 and very humbled to be returning in 2017 as well. See you then.