Emily, from the Get Messy creative team, challenged us to think about color and to pick just one and use it. When I was art journaling with my friend, I was inspired by these images. The contrast in black and white appealed to me especially with the repeating motifs of the hands.

So while my friend was collaging and exploring art journaling, I decided that these images would be the base for my take on Emily’s project. I started with a face made with charcoal and a deep indigo water soluble pencil.
It may have been the wine, but I just couldn’t stop drawing faces.

Everything in shades of black, white, deep indigo, which are the colors in the image of the hands you see here.

I am really happy with the result. It was a lovely idea to explore.

In fact, I loved so much that I did a second spread…with Payne’s Grey.

It’s one of my favorite colors. I love how deep and moody it is. The image of that woman has been in my stash for probably 7 years.

And that is an x-ray in the background. Everything is art journaling fodder around here!

Thanks for the inspiration Emily! You can see other people’s take on this under the hashtag #getmessycolour on Instagram.