We are in between Seasons right now, but I like to keep up the habit of posting on Fridays. I got a very cool package of black ephemera form Rachel last week for our Get Messy color swap. I love the pieces she chose for me. I realize black isn’t an easy color! You did so great Rachel! So now, I’m thinking of a way to use these pieces. I am keeping that gorgeous notebook for another project.
I’ve had this book for a couple of months. The woman in charge of the library at work sometimes has to cull certain older books. I pick up the ones with interesting covers to make upcycled journals out of them. This one is a great size, 8 x11. The spine was damaged, but the covers are in good condition.

So I followed Tanyalee’s tutorial and made an accordion journal to insert between the pages.

I used some mixed media paper so that I am not limited in the medium I choose.

I want this to be a super free, explorative journal. I will be channelling Cait, her friend Amy and Kate for this journal. I have been needing something less constrained for a while now and want to explore more freely. Since the journal often has a big impact on how I conceive my pages, I’m curious to see where this format will take me.

I pulled some extra pieces that I thought would inspire me. But I have more than enough with the amazingness from the swap!

I’ll keep you appraised of my adventures!