Hi there! Thanks for coming by! As you may or may not remember, I am currently in San Miguel de Allende attending a wonderful art journaling workshop. Nevertheless, I have a couple of pages to share with you today.

This first one….It’s funny how you start to associate a certain type of material or style with a certain size of journal. This spread is all about the infamous friendship break-up I’ve been sorting through. When it happened, I laid down my feelings in my End Game/Match Point journal. I had pulled specific and very telling pieces of ephemera to work with. I saved the extra bits and they just called to me when I made this.

I rarely leave so much empty space in this Moleskine journal. But I had something to say about this specific event and I just naturally went with the style I had used in the smaller journal. It looks different on this scale and I actually really like both sizes.
Clearly I am still processing that whole story. On to my second spread. I teased my IG followers with these two pictures. I got that huge Hero Arts stamp from Kristin’s shop when I was still in Hong Kong (it kinda inspired my most recent tattoo as you can see on my picture on the top right).

 I stamped a piece of white cardstock then I free-hand cut it out so it would look like hair.

 Here is where I used it.

It’s not perfect, but neither am I. I wanted to illustrate having ideas and all the possibilities that entails. I wanted to cut out the woman’s cowl or paint it but in the end, I thought that might ruin it so I left it as is and added the golden circle.

This spread is about conquering fear. The irrational one that weighs on you. The one that stops you from getting/doing what you want. The fear that makes you pass up certain experiences ‘in case something should happen’. I do not want to be someone like that. I do not want to let fear win. Before leaving on my trip to San Miguel – my first solo one – there was a lot of talk about sexual assault in light of the many # movements. I started to get paranoïd – it had happened to so many people close to me, why should I be spared? Did that mean I would be next? Should I not go traveling alone? Was I putting myself in danger by going on this trip? What if something happened to me?
And then I said no. I will not let this kind of fear stop me. If I do that, they win. I refuse to be boxed in or to limit myself. I refuse to psych myself out. I have also seen too much of that from people around me. I refuse to be bullied into fear. I will not make excuses or give in to irrational thoughts. The above quote is my favorite ever. (Also : ‘fear is the mind killer’)
So there you have it. As you are reading this, I am past the halfway mark for my trip and I am excited to share it with you when I come back.
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