Oh my, did you see that?! 20! Twenty weeks of Get Messy. How cool is that? I am so grateful for this group. It has helped me develop ideas and techniques and I am happy to have connected with so many of you.
 On to the pages for this week. I am having a lot of trouble photographing my spreads! Living in Canada, we lose the light at around 4 pm, plus we have just changed to daylight savings time, so that makes it even harder. I’m trying to think of a plan to help me not have crappy photos.
Here is my first spread. If you saw my big announcement, you know that I made this just after applying for Kristin’s Awesome Ladies Project creative team. I really wanted in (and my wish came true – so excited!). My weekly contributions to Get Messy helped me find my style and give me the guts to apply.

Anyway, this is a technique that I am exploring and that is starting to find itself on my spreads more often. I simply make a background and with my pen held very loosely (even perpendicularly sometimes) I draw a series of lines that become a person or an object. I like the spontaneous feel of these little characters.
This one is a simple page dedicated to the shooting that happened in Parliament in Ottawa on Oct 22nd. I wanted to record this event in my art journal.

I used clear gesso to seal the leaf but don’t like the texture it left. I would recommend using matte medium instead. Plus the paint on the background is neon red, but doesn’t show up as such.
This next spread is very close to my heart and something I have been advocating and claiming for years. When it comes to sexual assault, shame has to switch sides. Recently some women have talked about abuse they suffered at the hands of a well known TV host (Jian Ghomeshi). They have bravely stepped forward, even though they knew their name would be slaundered and their testimony put through the ringer. Even though people will cross-examine them and try to make them out to be attention-seeking women. Even though notions like ‘blurred lines’ (don’t even get me started on that song) and ‘consent’ and ‘what were you wearing’ and ‘were you drinking’ will arise.
To support these women, someone started the #BeenRapedNeverReported on Twitter and it got an overwhelming response : men, women, people of all ages were suddenly admitting that they have had to go through something similar. Their collective testimonial is so inspiring and horrifying at the same time. Just like the #yesallwomen movement, this to me felt/feels like a change of momentum.

‘Shame must switch sides’

It is not for the victims to feel shame. It is for the aggressors. It is not for Jennifer Lawrence to feel ashamed, it is for the hackers who put her private pics out there. She didn’t deserve it, just like a woman wearing a short skirt doesn’t deserve to be sexually assaulted. Just like a man or a woman can be a victim of sexual abuse and feel so ashamed as to carry the weight of that secret all their life and let it eat away at their soul. Enough of that CRAP. Time to change the statu quo.

 Next week will be all about my Fall Journal, which is almost complete.

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