Hey y’all! How ready are we to be super thankful?! I know some Get Messians have answered that twice! Well, you can’t be too grateful, can you?
Before I show you my pages, here’s a reminder of the prompt by Olya:

Journaling Challenge: Gratitude. What are you grateful for? What aspects of your life are you thankful for, that you might be overlooking while being busy?

Art Challenge: Use visual examples for at least three things you’re grateful for. Photos/doodles/magazine cut outs/stickers/anything. SHOW us your gratitude!

So here is my take on this prompt :


As you can see, for once, I completely kept my spread journaling free. I wanted these pages to be super happy awesome shiny bright colorful wonderful childlike glittery and FULL! Just like Olya’s pages. Just like my life.
I made a special confetti pocket (which as you know by now I love to do), filled with all the things I am grateful for in my life. You can spot photos of my husband and children, because they are the most important people in my life. The skeleton confetti represents my work and the joy I get from working in my field again. 
I added a lot of glitter and sequins and these darling drawings made by my daughter when she was 5 (she is now 9!!!). I added the little house sticker, because I am so grateful that we are home.
So the heart-shaped confetti pocket is for my family and my work. What about all those stickers?

Those stickers are for my girls. My friends, the ones who have stuck through thick and thin. We girls who walk together on the same path although not always at the same speed or even in the same direction, but somehow we keep up with each other. We support each other, share so much with each other, are proud of the others’ accomplishments. My girls. We are so different, yet we all intersect. I love them so and am so very grateful for them.

The sticker page was totally inspired by the awesome album my girls gave me at my wedding (which happens to be the same kind of album as the one I used for my From Here to There journal). It is filled with such cool pages and memorabilia. One of my friends made this page. Doesn’t it totally remind you of being a kid and having a huge sticker collection? Am I giving away my age with that reference?

That picture is from 1993. We have been friends for more than 20 years. Here’s to at least 20 more. I am so thankful for deep, nourishing friendships.

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