Hello Get Messians and friends. As I write this, we have just come off a very difficult day here in Ottawa. A shooter killed a soldier at the war memorial in front of the Parliament before going into the building and being killed in a shootout. The city was on lockdown most of the day as there is a manhunt going on in case there are more than one shooters. I work directly across from this area. Luckily everyone in my family is ok but we have some big subjects to discuss with the children tonight.

On to this week’s pages. First, here are some pages from my Moleskine art journal. The whole ‘freezing the eggs’ idea by Facebook and Apple is just so weird and made me really shake my head in despair. Do we really want to be having kids at 40-50? Just because it’s biologically possible, do you really want to be changing diapers at that age? Why is the patriarchy so quick to want to modify or play with our bodies?

This page was a furious spur of the moment get-it-out-of-me page. Those are so therapeutic! As I get ready for my art journaling workshop with Orly Avineri, I am trying to identify some of my marks. Those xs are definitely some of them. I also try to push myself and these squiggly people on the right side are part of that too.

This page came from my childhood love of paper dolls. I expressed this love three times on three different spreads this week (one of them is for next week’s prompt reveal!). These paper dolls are by Amy Earles. I love her stuff and these cuties had to live somewhere….might as well be in my art journal. I love how they look like two sides of the same coin. Once again a page about not being able to communicate.

I also have a couple of pages in my Fall Journal to share. This first one is also linked to my love of paper dolls. I bought this halloween paper by Making Memories about 3-4 years ago. I hoarded it because I didn’t want to cut them out! Finally I decided these cuties should also live somewhere, so into the Fall Journal they go. Halloween is a huge part of Fall and needs to be documented too 🙂 Plus, who can resist Hello Kitty in a skeleton costume?
For my last page, I decided to bring out my The Wild Unknown tarot deck and pick a card for the season. This is the card that came out. Such a great card! Vanessa is a type of butterfly, so whenever I see one I know it’s the right card for me.
I wrote down the significance of the card next to those lovely flowers and added a small confetti pocket and a vintage witch sticker…because divination and spirituality is so witchy, don’t you agree?

I love this card’s positivity.

There you have it. I am going to hug my children extra tight tonight. My heart goes out to the soldier’s family. This is a senseless act that will not work in making us afraid. But it is terrible that someone had to die. I realise the shooter died too, but I’m not capable of finding any sympathy for him.


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