Hello lovelies. I have some heartfelt pages to share today. They come from my Moleskine art journal and I’m sharing them from more recent to less recent. The first one is a homage to my father. He passed away suddenly last March. I made this page after realising that the 6 month mark had come and gone without my noticing. Life goes on, of course.

I wanted to layer some pieces, especially vellum, to show how words and memories fade.

We spread his ashes in the ocean off the coast of South Africa, in this ocean pictured here. It was truly a beautiful moment. I’m realising that mourning, like the tide, has an ebb and flow. Sometimes you carry it, sometimes it carries you.

The day before I made that page, I had a pity party just for me and this little person showed up in my journal.

I used oil pastels on acrylic which invites childlike drawing and I felt it was ‘à propos’ since I was feeling childish!

And finally, this page about Hong Kong. As you may or may not know, last week Hongkongers took to the streets to demand democratic reform from their leaders. When HK was given back to China by Britain, it was agreed that certain civil rights would be retained by HK, including the right to free elections for the Chief Executive in 2017. Last week, China’s leaders went back on this promise and said they would approve of three candidates and that people would then vote for their preferred candidate…which is not democratic at all and would ensure Communist Party control.

The protest movement is called the Umbrella Revolution because the protestors are using umbrellas to protect themselves from the pepper spray used by police and from the torrential rains or beating sun.

I carved this stamp a few years ago. This is Hong Kong’s waterfront.

It’s difficult to be far when these important changes are happening in your adoptive city.

There you have it! Thank you for coming by and don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have.


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