I feel like this week was so full. So much going on in the world right now. I have pages from two sources to show you. First, I’m sharing pages from my Moleskine art journal. I was incredibly inspired by Emma Watson’s UN speech and promptly made this page after having listened to it. (Here’s the link in case you want to hear it)

And then just a simple one about things/ people/ideas that overstay their welcome.

I find that the Muse often comes to me as I am about to fall asleep. This is what happened for this spread. I had the image of the red layers and the squiggly pens lines.

Sometimes, I need to put down lots of journaling to remember what’s going on. Other times, I know that isn’t necessary.

I also added some pages to my Fall journal. I created a little kit by pulling out some papers and ephemera that I added to Katie Licht’s Autumn paper kit. Here is a page about the Canada Geese. Every fall, their departure means winter is afoot and seeing them fly across the sky in giant Vs is always a treat.

The vellum paper has some of these geese in flight on it.

This page is built around the word ‘gather’ and its different meanings.

My favorite is the third.
I used that leaf as a mask for another page, which I’ll show next week!
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