Oh how I love Thursdays! I have a couple of different things to show you for this edition of Get Messy. First off, two pages in my Moleskine art journal. I’ve mentionned before that this is my ‘go to’ journal. When I need to express myself or vent, this is where it all comes out.
These two spreads relate to the ending of a friendship and I’m having a hard time dealing with the emotions brought up by this.

Anyway, I’ve had this small vintage photo for a while and the image is slowly fading over time. I thought it illustrated pretty well the distance that grows in between people. I slipped it between two acetate sheets, added some sequins and there you have it. I love the image above it with the two girls from Mongolia with their nails painted red (they have just been to a wedding)
Having lots of imaginary conversations, trying to solve some issues. That is why break-ups (be they friendship or love) are so hard, right? The fact that you are looking for answers but will never get them…

Anyway, I also decided to turn this pretty pile of paper….
….into a Get Messy Fall Journal.

There are a few reasons for this. First, I haven’t had a proper fall in four years (no pretty colored tree leaves in Hong Kong) and it’s my favorite season. Second, I really like Maria from Analog Paper’s habit of making one journal per month. I thought I’d try something seasonal now that my From Here to There album is done. And finally, I had such a blast making my Summer of Love book (which is almost done – sharing soon), that I thought I’d carry some of that on to fall.

So here is the first page from that journal :

I sewed some mulberry paper on a thick vellum sheet (under this page). I did some semi-fancy stitching on the top, to hold down the paper and because I thought it looked cool. I also wanted to play with the word ‘fall’.

And I wanted to express the fact that things are good, we are home, we are settled, we are happy. Life is good.

 Have a great week people and thank you for coming by! I’m looking forward to checking out your creations.

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