It’s time to share our take on the August prompt, yay! Here’s a reminder of the prompt itself (as devised by Caylee Grey) :

August Prompt: A Self Portrait in Objects
Journal challenge: Who are you? If you had one page to show the world who you are what would you put on it?
Art challenge: Use anything except an actual photo of yourself to make a self portrait.

I really love this prompt! It was pretty challenging, especially the not using a photo of yourself. So the other day I was placing books in the shelves and it dawned on me that describing myself through my favorite books would be a cool idea. But I didn’t want to just make a grid with the book covers. Then it hit me : pie charts!!!

I printed out photos of my favorite stories, books series, animals, artists and placed them in pie charts. Then I ran them through my sewing machine. This first one is my secret garden, the child part of me. I’ve loved unicorns forever, especially The Last Unicorn. Jackalopes and deers are part of my personal symbols. As a girl, I would stare at that Sleeping Beauty record cover for hours wishing I could draw like that. I added a picture of Kal Bartesky’s beautiful script about dreams.

This second one is the scientific part of me. I am an archaeologist who specialises in funerary archaeology and physical anthropology. I love every type of skull drawings, be they anatomical or folkloric. We had a Till Death Do Us Part themed wedding so the bride and groom on the left were our table markers. And the beautiful Catrina on the top is by my favorite contemporary artist, Silvia Ji. I added a piece of sugar skull fabric.
And this is the imagination part of me, with all my favorite books and movies. I’m a vampire litt fan since I read Anne Rice in 1994 (so, pre-Twilight!). Buffy the vampire slayer was an integral part of my identity as a feminist and as a woman. The Dark Tower series by Stephen King is my all-time favorite. And I added images by Mucha to show I also have a thing for Victorian era litterature (including Dickens).

So there you have it, me in a nutshell. There is more of course, but I had no more room! Actually, my pie charts were too big to fit in my Moleskine journal, so I had to put together two 11 x 14 pages and glue them on!
I brought out my gouache and sumi brush and drew some pie charts and made some paint slashes.

And I added ‘Here I am’
This was way fun! Thanks for a great prompt. I can’t wait to know more about my fellow creatives by checking out how each approached the prompt.


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