Hello lovely people! I’m glad you are here for our weekly dose of art journaling goodness. I am frantically unpacking and sorting my art supplies while at the same time organising my studio space. So I’ve had no time to make any art journal pages this week, which hasn’t happened in forever.
So I’m taking a cue from Olya and Sabine and sharing pages from past art journals. These are from my second art journal, circa end of 2012. I just found this journal a couple of days ago and I love revisiting these times and seeing how my style has evolved. This is a Chronicle Books sketchbook, smaller than the Moleskine I use now, but they held watercolor much better than the Moleskines do.
At the time, I was dealing with many issues, the first of which was figuring out who I was if I was not working as an archaeologist. Until we arrived in Hong Kong, I was a working mother and then I became a stay-at-home mother and that was a very hard transition for me. It awoke lots of self-esteem issues and sent me down an emotional eating spiral.

My art journal was my saviour. A place to put down all of these too strong emotions, aplce to sort things out.

It is and was also a place to explore different techniques and styles, like the ones above and below.
I’m happy to report I’m in a better place now. But I definitely can thank art journaling for carrying me through some difficult times.

Next week I’ll be back with some current Get Messy pages. Plus I just had a great idea on how to approach Caylee’s prompt and can’t wait to see if it’ll turn out as I envision it. We get to share it next week. Eek!

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