We are still in full-on vacation mode. And what an amazing vacation too. We’ve been to so many different types of environments (beach, forest, farm, city) and it’s been a pleasure documenting it all in my From Here to There album.

This is a quote I know Caylee will appreciate!

This forest walk was so cool for us. Imagine my kids -who have not had much exposure to nature- in awe of the surrounding trees and forest noises.

For the next spread, I wanted to document revisiting the beach where we got married. Just off a quaint village there is a huge rock with an arch in it. It is called Percé Rock and it is quite a sight to see. If you follow me on instagram, you’ve seen it creep up on my feed. It’s beautiful and that place is even more magical to me now.

The paper on the left is from the Wildflower collection and is one of my favorites ever. I left it as is. For the right side, I used a vintage postcard of Percé Rock (this was actually our reply postcards for the wedding). You can’t see the arch in the rock from this angle, but you can see how huge it is.

I have been using up every last piece of this gold flocked tissue paper. I love it.
I also added a vintage picture (from the 20s) of children on the beach. 

Our guests (and us) collected so many rocks and sea glass while the wedding was happening. I did the same this time around and made myself a miniature beach to add to my album. I put some sea glass, rocks, sand and a feather in a cut off piece of a 4 x 6 page protector and hand-stitched it closed. I quickly learned that sand goes through hand-stitching! So I added some washi tape to better seal it. I’m not sure yet how I’ll add it in to my album.

I love moving everything around and creating new mini-beaches.

This last spread was all about my love for the seaside and what the ocean means to me.

On the left I use a whole bunch of Instax photos from a recent outing. I arranged them in a grid pattern. Underneath, I scrunched up some white thread and glued the pictures on top. The white thread being a metaphore for some underlying issues.

If you are like me, you have about 15 000 pictures of the sea, of the waves, of the surf. I love seeing them and remembering the sound of the waves crashing.  These particular waves are from the Indian Ocean. I took these pictures when we were in South Africa for my father’s passing. We put his ashes into the sea. I have always felt a special relationship with the ocean, I give a lot to it and it gives me a lot in return. I have the utmost respect for it and it has always given me treasures to cherish like sea glass, porcelain, shells. I feel that this special relationship is even deeper now that my father is there.
For this page, I simply cut out the letters from two of these pictures.The words are adapted from a song quoted by Lexie Bridges on her blog.

Thank you for looking. I hope you are all enjoying the present moment, wherever you are.

PS: My album is too thick, I have to take out the pages to photograph them properly!


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