Hello lovelies, welcome to my first installment of Get Messy from Canada 🙂
These two pages were made during a jetlag haze, in Montreal, my home town.

For this first page I wanted to go tone-on-tone. The wording helped me choose the color. Montreal is the place I call home. I so wish we were moving back here (and not Ottawa)!
Trying to show the golden hues…

Since I’m so happy to be in my city, I wanted to have this page reflect the burst of joy I am feeling. The paper strips were meant to look like a sunburst. Although you can’t tell…from how I placed them.

On to these next pages, done in the car during our 10 hour road trip from Montreal to Gaspé where my husband is from.

Coming home is coming home to people who know and love you. My friends are my chosen family and I’ve missed them so much. Each of us has been through a lot in the last four years and I am so glad to still connect with them.

Just like my Get Messy namesake, Vanessa Perry, I am also smitten by the song from the Fault in Our Stars. I thought it fit in nicely with being reunited with my peeps.

The backside of this page protector holds a card to document the beautiful July super moon. On the bottom one, I documented stepping into our new house (not yet a home)! We went from Montreal to Gatineau (our new city) to receive all our things that have been locked in storage for the last four years.

And finally, a collage for my love of the open road.

Ten hours in the car is quite a road trip, especially with two kids. Regardless, we always have a great time and you can be sure that road trip snacks are definitely part of the reason that things go so well…

Thank you so much for taking a look.


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