Yay for Thursday share day! Here are this week’s Get Messy pages. Once again, they are from my From Here to There album. The kicker is that these are officially my last pages made in Hong Kong. The next installement will be made and shared from Canada!
First up, this spread:

On the left a beautiful floral paper that I didn’t want to cover up too much. So I added a polaroid style frame from the Maggie Holmes collection. Inside I put a photo from an old HK street. it has a cinematic feel to it for sure. I cut out one of the lucky cats from my washi paper and added a couple of chipboard stickers on the top left.

I like to change things up my leaving the inside pieces in the loops of these alphabet letters.
The facing page has a cut out window in it. I cut the window in the fushia paper, then stuck the other paper on the backside, making sure the right words peeked through this side. I then cut out a second window so that my sequin pocket would be visible.

I love that you can see the next page and ‘adventure’ peeking through. And I like the fact that ‘life’ is repeated on the page.

Here’s a look at the back part of this page. I made the sequin pocket by sewing together two pieces of acetate paper. I sewed it shut and stapled the pocket to the scrapbooking paper.

Here’s a look at this spread laid flat

I made this page by upcycling one of the chipboard dividers that came with a 6 x 8 album. I glued Life Love Paper’s great ‘adventure’ print and added one of my favorite quotes in glittering alphas. When I tried to punch holes in the white duct tape that I added on the left, I found out that my punch wasn’t strong enough! So I had to punch multiple little holes with my japanese screw punch (used for punching leather and bookbinding) to make the holes.

The next spread deals with some of the emotions I’m feeling about going back home.
This is a page about how your horizons really expand when you travel and how it’s not always easy to relate with friends and family who have stayed behind. There are just some things they don’t understand and that is hard to communicate to them. The reverse is obviously true, they must also feel that I can’t relate to things that happened to them while we were away.

This page is about me being a little scared to find my life back home boring or uninspiring after Hong Kong. I rediscovered my artistic and creative nature here so I’m nervous that that will disapear. At the same time, I am who I am and ‘ideas can happen anywhere’, right?

The background page is a photo of one man’s passport and all the cool stamps he’s accumulated in it.

And my final spread for this week builds up on this idea of going home and what that entails.

On the left, the famous quote from the Wizard of Oz.

And on the right some vintage images of homes, transparencies, some negative film and the title of Thomas Wolfe’s famous book You Can never Go Home Again. I’m trying to figure out how this will go down. When you live abroad, ‘home’ takes on this mythical dimension. You change, but in your mind your home doesn’t change, it stays alive as is in your memories. But then, when you do return, you realise that your home did change and that you may not be able to recognize what you remember as being unchangeable.

So, can you or can’t you? I guess I’ll be finding out soon enough….
I’m interested in what you think about this, especially those of you who have lived abroad and then returned home. How was it for you? Easy, hard, sad, happy?

This will be my last post from Hong Kong. We are travelling this Friday (HK time) so I will be back on Monday (Canada time) with some new posts 🙂


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