I have another four pages from my summer art journal to show you. In this From Here to There album, I document our move from Hong Kong to Canada. As always, you can click on the images to make them bigger. I’ve also added the handy ‘Pin it’ button on the top left corner of the pictures.
The left page came to me one morning when I was thinking about the fact that we have a week left here.

I wrote the words on white cardstock, which I then cut out and placed on the patterned paper. I love the contrast with the aqua diamonds.

The facing page is a set of four Project Life cards from the Wildflower collection and from Dearest Someday. The color scheme and the sentiments both spoke to me.

I placed some black cards on the backside of those pockets. These are from Dearest Someday and the Mercarty Pop-up shop.

Again, really liking the black graphics with the patterned paper peeking on the side.

For the right side, I wanted to include some Origrami prints of Hong Kong that I had made for another project, but that I didn’t end up using.

Just pull on the golden label to see the accordion type mini album! (I’m sorry for some reason this photo is out of focus)

The base of the accordion pictures is a vintage postcard of Hong Kong. I was thinking how, from now on, this city will only exist as is in my memories. Next time we’ll come here, it will have changed. I like the postcard for that reason : the look of HK in the fifties with those beautiful old buildings – gone now, replaced by glittering towers.

I used washi tape to hold the photos together. Origrami places a map of where you took the picture on the backside of the print.

What is cool (to me) is that these maps make up the waterfront of the city and includes where we lived for the past four years. Good stuff.

In addition to this album, I also worked in my big Moleskine art journal. This is where I channel my emotions concerning anything that is happening around me. The first spread is about a friendship breakup.

One of my recent favorites. Simple and to the point.

This week the state of the female condition really has been troubling me.

I love that there is a place for me to express this, to tone down my anxiety and to make something visually pleasing all at the same time. Thank you for looking. Tomorrow I will share some pages from my Summer of Love journal.


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