When A Beautiful Mess came out with their 52 Weeks of Art Journaling class, I bought it right away. I like Rachel Denbow’s approach and love a lot of her collaborators in the class (Tina Aszmus, Marcy Penner, Kara Haupt, Elsie Larson). So I was super pumped to start the very second that I got access to the class!
But then I realised that this style of art journaling is quite different than the one I normally do. I have a very raw, emotion-based type of art journaling, which I love to do in my Moleskine Sketchbook (just check out my posts under the ‘art journal’ tag here on my blog to see what I mean). I don’t really use prompts in my everyday journaling, I just go with what I need to express on that day or week. I love the techniques and prompts from the class, but I felt they didn’t fit my everyday approach to art journaling. So I set the class aside for a while and just thought about how I would approach it.
Then I saw what Caylee was doing with the class over on her blog and it made me want to dive in again. At the same time as all this was circling my brain, I was coming to terms with the fact that I am moving from Hong Kong to Canada in a month. That means two months without my art supplies as they are being shipped via container claer across the globe.
Two months…sixty days…52 weeks of art journaling…suddenly it all clicked.
Using this class to document my cross continent move is win win situation for me! I can use most of the prompts and the techniques, I can use the paper based design approach (that I love) from the class and -BIG BONUS- I can use up my stash! I got so excited, love that ‘ah-HA!’ moment, don’t you?

Here is my album. I am using a 9 x 9, 17-hole Semikolon album in sky blue. My girls gave me a similar one for my wedding, they filled it with memories, stickers and fun pictures of all of us before giving it to me. When I was imagining what type of album I wanted to use for this project, I remembered the one they gave me. I found this one on Amazon, you can fill it with different colored cardstock pages.

Unfortunately, they had no more white or cream pages in stock. So I decided to bite the bullet and get these pink/fushia ones. They were on sale, which is great and they really pump up my color palette! I love seeing white pages and that beautiful empty space, but I’m a colorful person so these pages reflect that part of my personality and my style.

In the next two months, we will be leaving Hong Kong which has been our home for 4 years, we will go on vacation in two different regions of Quebec, see family, go camping, go to the beach, have a romantic getaway, go on a road trip, eat great food and then we will move into our rented house in Gatineau, near Ottawa, Canada.

This is why this album is so awesome, I can start building my base pages, but I can move them around and change the order of them as I go along.

For the moment, I’ve supplemented the 20 pink pages with some of my favorite scrapbooking paper. I can incorporate themes that I know will reflect our activities this summer, like wildflowers, polaroid pictures, camping, summer bucket lists, etc.

Plus this Mon Ami paper page is so Hong Kong with that cityscape!

I am just so excited to get started. I love the spark you get before starting a project. Tomorrow, I will share my cover page.